Can I use oTree for free?

Yes, oTree is licensed under the MIT open source license with the added requirement of a citation of our paper.

Is it easy to start with oTree?

Yes, it is easy to modify one of our 20 existing games or create your own. (check out the tutorial or the docs for guidelines).

Where can I ask oTree programming questions?

We have an active community on Google Groups here.

How can I contribute to oTree?

The simplest way to contribute is to use oTree, and then send notes about your experience to chris@otree.org. You could tell us about your experience getting started and any issues you noticed, even if they are minor. Your feedback will help us to make fixes in the software or improve the documentation.

Can I use oTree with Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Yes, oTree has integration with AMT (checkout the docs for guidelines).

Who are the people behind oTree?

Daniel Chen plays an instrumental role in recruiting Chris Wickens for building oTree. Both of them have been working together since 2008 on social science experiments as well as various other projects. oTree can be used for large-scale networks, voting, macroeconomics, and mixed agent-based experiments. It took years of time and multiple grants/funds, including half a million of Daniel Chen’s start-up fund and annual personnel research funds, to accomplish the oTree that we have today. oTree is aimed to be as easy to use as possible for students to program their own experiments. We encourage users to share links to their projects so that future generations of students can run their experiments and iterate social science forward. Chris Wickens is the key developer of oTree; he has worked for Daniel Chen full-time from 2012 to the beginning of 2017, and at various other points since 2008. Please send Chris experiments you would like to share and send Daniel any interest in teaching oTree at high school-level or younger.

Are you available for workshops?

Yes, on a paid basis. Workshops are usually 2-4 days.

No prior experience with oTree is necessary, although participants should have completed a basic tutorial in Python programming.

I have done workshops at Oxford, Aarhus, Bonn, Cologne, Utrecht, Tilburg, Exeter, Ann Arbor, Stanford, and GfK Verein.

If interested, contact chris@otree.org.