Can I use oTree for free?

Yes, oTree is oTree is licensed under the MIT open source license with the added requirement of a citation.

Is it easy to start with oTree?

Yes, it is easy to modify one of our 20 existing games or create your own. (check out the tutorial or the docs for guidelines).

Where can I ask oTree programming questions?

We have an active community on Google Groups here. There are several posts per day usually.

Who is using oTree?

About 400 people have signed up for the oTree mailing list.

Some people share their oTree projects on GitHub.

Can I hire someone to program my experiment for me?

Email chris@otree.org, and I can forward your request to a freelance programmer skilled with oTree.

How can I contribute to oTree?

The simplest way to contribute is to use oTree yourself, and then send notes about your experience to chris@otree.org. You could tell us about your experience getting started and any issues you noticed, even if they are minor. Your feedback will help us to make fixes in the software or improve the documentation.

If you are interested in contributing as a developer to oTree, send an email to chris@otree.org.

Can I use oTree with Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Yes, oTree has integration with AMT (checkout the docs for guidelines).