Runs on any device
Monitor games in real time
Waiting lobby for participants and admins
Configurable apps
Easy programming with Python
Bots to simulate human participants
oTree on iOS

oTree lets you create:

  • Controlled behavioral experiments in economics, market research, psychology, and related fields
  • Multiplayer strategy games, like the prisoner's dilemma, public goods game, and auctions.
  • Surveys and quizzes, especially those that require customized or dynamic functionality not available with conventional survey software.

oTree has hundreds of users at universities, government institutes, and market research companies. Here are some quotes from users:

  • "We launched our first large scale experiment with oTree, with about 5000 participants in total...oTree is simply GREAT! Everything worked perfectly smooth."
  • "I just want to say that I use oTree for my Masters project, and I found it very learnable and intuitive, even with no substantial coding experience."
  • "In the last few weeks I started to learn how to build apps within this great environment and I just love it!"