Runs on any device
Monitor games in real time
Waiting lobby for participants and admins
Easy programming with Python
Bots to simulate human participants
oTree on iOS

Recent news

  • Sept. 2016: Prof. Armin Falk's group at the University of Bonn used oTree for a lab study with over 1000 participants (largest session: 95 participants).
  • Sept. 2016: Prof. Syngjoo Choi's group at Seoul National University used oTree for a lab study with 1200 participants and a survey with 2400 participants. The lab study consisted of dictator, public goods, and risk preference games, with 80-120 participants per session.
  • Oct 2016: The Anthropo-Lab at the Catholic University of Lille (France) used oTree for a repeated public goods game in a conference session with 87 participants and a university lecture with 208 participants.

About oTree

oTree lets you create:

oTree is a joint project by the Daniel Chen group and Martin Schonger. You can read about the platform in our paper.