Runs on any device
Monitor games in real time
Waiting lobby for participants and admins
Configurable apps
Easy programming with Python
Bots to simulate human participants
oTree on iOS

Recent news

  • Sept. 2016: Prof. Armin Falk's group at the University of Bonn used oTree for a lab study with over 1000 participants (largest session: 95 participants).
  • Sept. 2016: Prof. Syngjoo Choi's group at Seoul National University used oTree for a lab study with 1200 participants and a survey with 2400 participants. The lab study consisted of dictator, public goods, and risk preference games, with 80-120 participants per session.
  • Oct 2016: The Anthropo-Lab at the Catholic University of Lille (France) used oTree for a repeated public goods game in a conference session with 87 participants (video) and a university lecture with 208 participants ( Facebook post ).

About oTree

oTree lets you create:

oTree is a project by the Daniel Chen group. You can read about the platform in our paper.